Being Prejudices

Being prejudices you will never meet some of the nicest people.

Don't let others tell you who your friends should be.

I have great parents, my father passed away a few years ago, God rest his soul. One thing they never taught me and that is being prejudiced. I don't remember hearing my parents say those people SOB's or that SOB's.

Side-Story: When I was eight at a family get together at my grandparent's house. All the woman folk were in the living room and men folk in the kitchen with my great-grandfather at the head of the table with all men and male children facing him. My teenage cousins came running in with the girl cousins crying because her older brother had lost his temper and hit her. My great-grandfather stood up and very quietly said: Young man you have to learn to control your temper! Then pointing his finger and in a stern voice. "Nicholson men do not hit women." The reason I remember this is because it was like being in church when the preacher says Amen and the  congregation replies. All the adults replied "Yes Sir!"


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