Sometime there are things you can't change about a person

Sometime there are things you can't change about a person. I'm slow about doing things and do things that my wife thinks are dumb. After 25 years you would think she would be a little more understanding before she gets mad.

Favorite sayings: "Don't get huffy with me young lady!" and "Guess What?" then I'll give her half a dozen air kisses.

In Loving Memory

Born July 30 1950
Passed April 29 2016
Crossed over May 11 10:37 PM 2016

Personal note: How we look at life as we age.

This happened when my wife was still alive. I was with a small group of young single never marry men and we were talking about women.

One man said he likes women with long blonde hair, another one said long-haired redhead, each had an opinion. They asked me and I said "hair would be nice but a wig is okay."

We moved on to breast, everybody had an opinion, some liked big, some liked firm, I said "Two would be nice but optional."

The topic of sex came up and they all agreed the woman had to be good in bed. I laughed to myself thinking all that the woman had to do is lay there and they wouldn't know the difference.

Reflecting back
1. Outgoing and Outspoken
2. Educated and Intelligent.
3. The giver not a taker. Warmhearted.

After the lust of your relationship wears off, the companionship of your best friend will amaze you.

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