Never Stop Learning

Favorite saying. I Did Not Know That! Never stop learning, collage or trade School: the most important thing is getting in anywhere. Then find the right school. Your grades will improve.

It's a little-known fact that Google hires people based on their management and leadership abilities and not what the college they attended.

Being from a Prestigious Collage doesn't make you smarter, it the school of hard knocks that tempers the steel that makes you the person that you are. How do we motivate people in education the same way students are motivated to Excel in sports? There need to be a hunger to learn.

While visiting my wife sister the Fall of 2014 I met Bill Haslam while he was campaigning for the Governor of Tennessee. Few people have changed my ideas like he has. I now have a different (Homogeneous) idea of how government should be involved in a person's life. Government has two choices ignore the young people and take care of them when they get older through increased Medicare and Medicaid cost or ensuring the young are healthy and educated so that later in life they are healthy and happy productive member of society. Side note; if I'd known his background before we met, I might have been prejudiced towards him. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has a net worth of $2 billion, and is one of the richest politician in the U.S.!

History note: 1965-1967 I was stationed in Millington Tennessee while attending Navy Aviation Electronic School. I had friends that were what you call ridge runner or hillbillies. That gives me insight into Bill Haslam ideas on education.

Side note: For the first 6 months my section leader was a Petty Officer 1st Class from Memphis. On weekends we would go to parties at some of his civilian friend's Apartments. All the young ladies were polite, but I could never get a date. One Monday morning after roll-call I asked him. Is it because I was the only white person there? He looked at me laughing-shaking his head. No, it's because you're a Yankee.



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