Listen to people

Listen to people, educate them, invest in them, and lead them well, they will follow you anywhere.

Jeopardy Question: How do you create a Health & Happy Work Environment?

A good leader will say it is my responsibility for failures. But more important is the word "we" when talking about how good things turned out!

In Planning your future, have you ever said to yourself, I am going to  be a leader, CEO, Chairman, or Person in Charge? Why Not? 

Outside Ideas: Six Pillars. Florida Chamber of Commerce.

The acronym "Each" encompasses all the traits of a good leader. Burn them in your brain. Use the attributes (Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility) in your daily life. I'm giving this to you as homework, I should say Life work how to use "Each" to become a better person/leader. Try Kaizen, Japanese for "improvement.

Thinking back, I did have both short and long term goals. Short term goals were to get drunk, get laid and travel the World. Long-term goals, settled down 30 to 35, get married, have a family, a house with a swimming pool, find a good trade and retire at 55.
Other than a few major bumps in the road, I begrudgingly retired at 62 and now pushing 70.

I have three goals or what you would call a bucket list.

1. To be Your next State Senator.
2. "Cover of the Rolling Stones." One of my favorite songs, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.
3. To read "The Pope," "Joe College" and to tell my Yankee Joke on Saturday Night Live. Then I can die a happy person.




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