You don't always have to be right

You don't always have to be right or get in the last word. You are at a 4 way stop sign and have the right of way. You see a truck that is not going to stop. The question is, Do you want to be dead right?

I hate to say it, some people are that belligerent. I hope that's not you.

Bad translation: I'm the boss, do what I say!

There is a saying most people quit the boss not the job. Are you the boss or a leader? I hope you're not the boss people are afraid of.

Postscript: This is about a year after I first wrote being dead right. It's called Being Stupid. Watch any reality police show and you will see some Dumb Ass being pulled over and going to jail for drug possession or warrants. Why? They did something stupid like running a stop sign or speeding. For 90% of you this means some kind of a ticket. For the 10% and you know who you are, your in deep shit.

As you grow older your lifestyle changes and become a better member of society. Doing something stupid (Illegal) when you're young can ruin your life. I know telling you not to won't work. What I am telling you is next time you know you going to do something stupid, stop, step back, and figure out a way to do your stupid thing safely.

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