The art of hand shaking

The art of hand shaking (no wimps allowed) and remembering a person name. First impression is very important.

The proper etiquette for handshaking is to approach the person face-to-face, extend your right hand, after you have gripped their hand, smile and say glad to meet you. As you are shaking their hand, feel how tight they are grasping your hand and use equal pressure, when they stop squeezing, you stop squeezing. Say their name out loud one time, repeated in your mind 10 times. Take a snapshot of their face and try to remember it the rest to your life.

Some day down the road a week, a month, a year, or 10 years, you will more than likely will run into this person again. Pay close attention to their facial expressions. Say their name out loud, Hi Bill or Sally, how have you been. Look for a twinkle in their eyes and a smile on their face. Now you just made a good first impression for the second time!



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